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Hello there,

First of all I'm new into Drupal and commerce, never worked with ubercart so I hope you guys don't want to shoot me if I'm asking stupid questions :-)

My goal is to make a webshop using only paypal.
I've recently installed the 'commerce paypal' module and made up a sandbox account.

The checkout is being processed through paypal with works fine
(using paypal WPS, proceed to paypal, ...)

I push the 'return to test store' button.
The problem is that I return to the checkout form and there aren't any orders placed.
(I receive a security warning before being redirected)

In the recent log messages i get the messages
* Customer returned from PayPal with the following POST data:
array( ....... )
* IPN processed for order ...
* IPN validated for order ...

I spent quite some time now checking for solutions on the net but didn't find any usefull information

Hope somebody can help me.



Posted: Apr 11, 2011


jucallme on April 13, 2011

The sandbox setup is quite a toilet in paypal.

Will be putting up a real guid in a day or two once I've pushed my site out.

Here are the steps you must follow.
1. Create a paypal developer account.
2. Log into the sandbox
3. Create a buyer account (use the preconfigured account if it's ur first time)
4. When creating that account add some funds 9999 should do
5. Now that account is created and you have taken note of email and password
6. Click the log into sandbox account (at bottom of account list)
7. Once in the buyers sandbox account add a credit card
8. Hover over profile (look down the list) and click add credit card
9. You just need to change expiary date of cc to a future date leave the defaults write down the details and click save.
10. Go back to the developer paypal account now add a seller account agin use preconfigured acc if ur first time
11. Write down details and save defaults are good.
12. Now select the seller account and agin click to log into the sellers sandbox account
13. Click profile and select website options (the one with we site in can't rem off top of head now)
14. Add the return address http://yoursite.com/checkout/complete (make sure radio button above is set to on the automatically redirect)
15. Paypal is finally set and ready
16. In yoursite now go to the payment actions and edit the wps paypal action and use the sellers email address you setup above, sandbox mode and enable that IPN logging.
17. Place an order once at the paypal log in to make payment page use the buyers details or alternatively the credit card information you jotted down (did'nt you).

Also if like me and you have had paypal module a little and been playing a little... When you get the update remember to revert the action then configure it again.. And this I think is ur error (the thread is talking about)... Do this an you should be working.

This is where a bug should be filed is existing action exists it dose not get updated with new stuff.. I had version before IPN setup put in new version after full uninstall and reinstall.. Old action still existed and vwola. Never see IPN logging options.

jurgen on April 14, 2011

Just like you I've spent all day figuring this out before posting this question.
It was indeed an update problem, we've spent another hour with 3 people looking for a solution, finally made an update and reconfigure and it turned out to work just fine.

Anyways, thnx for the reply :-)

latulipeblanche on May 20, 2011

I couldn't find :
"13. Click profile and select website options (the one with we site in can't rem off top of head now)".

But after clicking on the button "return to , PayPal is linking back to the "checkOut complete"-pane in Commerce.