product images per colour


This might be a really easy thing to do but I couldn't find a solution.

Selling T-shirts in different colours and sizes.

Each colour has it's own set of images. These images don't change on sizes.

Based on what I understand I will need to create 1 product per size and colour variation. However, this means for eg: Red T-shirt small, medium, large, I will have to upload the same image for 3 products. I know there's Bulk Creation but that still doesn't change the face I have to upload the same image multiply by the number of size variations?

Is there a way to add the set of image per product colour and not have to reupload for size?

Posted: Oct 3, 2012


advix on October 3, 2012

Similar case I am dealing with. But don't yet figured out how to solve it. I am eager to find the "best practices" for this usecase. Any suggestions are welcome.

The problem with apparels in general is, there are too much attributes combinations naturally. Sometimes the colour affects the price and sometimes not. Sometimes the size affects the price otherwise not.