possible to make details custom products?

I've used Ubercart in the past and now looking to find a solution for another project while getting back into drupal, so im wondering if drupal commerce could handle some functionality like what is presented here > http://www.foamsource.com/shop/product/12

basically a very complicated list of various options.

would appreciate any insight, or even a 'ya, it can be done!'


Posted: Sep 26, 2012


petergus on October 17, 2012

thanks for the pointers there!
ive been going through this and really stuck wondering... is it possible to calculate a price from an integer text field? Lets says i define 1 as $5, so someone enter in fieldOne 3 and in fieldTwo 4, then the price should calculate as $35.

thanks for any further insight!!

petergus on October 17, 2012

im thinking after watching the documentation a lot, that drupal commerce may not be fit for this.

however, an idea is to build a custom 'app' (popup?) that would calculate all the stuff (heigh, width, type, etc) and then output a final number (price), THEN, *could* a number be passed into a field in the product node that would 1) set the price and 2) also pass the specific text output in a description.

guess again, the main question, can the price be set or pulled from a test / integer field?