How to do Customized Product Options

I have an interesting problem. I have a client that we used Drupal Commerce & Ubercart for his website. He has standard chocolate products that are very straightforward to put into Ubercart. But he offeres the option to custom build a box of chocolates. The user can select a box of 4,12,or 24 pieces of chocolates. Then they can select what each of those chocolates will be.

select a box of 24 chocolates
1x Milk chocolate cream
6x Milk Chocolate carmel
5x English Toffee
4x Milk Chocolate Huckleberry cream
6x Dark Chocolate with nuts
2x Dark chocolate with brazil nuts

The user will have about 30 different chocolates to choose from and has to have the ability to select qty of each chocolate. I would love the ability to limit the qty to the size of the box - but if that isn't possible that is fine.

Any suggestions on how to implement this using Drupal Commerce and Ubercart?

Posted: Sep 13, 2012