going live with PayPal ?

I've reading through a few threads here and "there", and I'm a bit confused.

Can I go live with a VERY simple site using PayPal as the gateway?

The site, will have a handful of items, and will be a great learning ground for me. However, it has to be functional.

I don't want to it in D6 and Ubercart, since potentially it will grow much bigger in 3-4 months.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this project.


Posted: Mar 23, 2011


TechDust on March 23, 2011

Thanks Ryan,

The concern is : "right now Commerce Payment doesn't support logging payment transactions anyways"

What does this mean? So the sales are not logged on the site? Are the payments applied to the sales upon completion of the PayPal payment?

Thanks again,