Feature request: Variations URL (token maded if possible)

I'm working on "wine" Product type
Each "wine product" is actually a wine producer and each of which has many wines as "variations".
Each variation has its own title (wine name) and users can "select product" winery's wines by drop-down list

It would be helpful if every "variation" could have its own url, so to direct the user from the home page advertising (slideshow or Ad Push) to the promoted "variation"

Example: Producer: Caggiano
Wine (Variation): Macchia dei Goti
URL: http://www.mysite/drinks/wines/caggiano/macchiadeigoti

It's possible to have this feature?

Posted: Sep 5, 2012


joshmiller Josh Miller on September 5, 2012

Usually when you run into a problem where you want to send someone to a specific page that isn't possible based on the way you've set it up, that should tell you that you have to approach the problem in a different way. If you have more than a couple of wines per producer, it would be worth exploring the wine producers as nodes with node references to product displays that have the actual wines. In other words, make each wine one product display with a variation that is "connected" to their producer. If you want, you could also create a separate set of "producer" nodes that have a reference field so they can order straight from the producer page.