Need help for adding a product type

Kickstart2 with demo data :
when i add a new product type, it is displayed in the product type list.
But when i add a product, this new product type is not in the list so i cannot add such a product !
Where did i fail ?

Posted: Sep 5, 2012


senzaesclusiva on September 5, 2012

It's not very intuitive, but you must have:
1 Content Type - http:/yoursite/ # overlay = admin / structure / types /
1 Product Type - http://yoursite/ # overlay = admin / commerce / config / types
(preferably with the same name to avoid confusion)

and "bind" the "content type" to "product type" .. how to?

In "content type" already you have or have to create a "product variation" field. Name it "Product Variations / (machine) field_product" or similar, choose "reference product" as field type and "inline entity form" as widgets.
Than, In this field you can set, in "Product types That can be referenced" the "Product Type" created before.

Basically, the "content type" contains N "product type".

Be careful, always in this field setting: if you have to name each variation with a different title, you must unset "Auto generate the product title" otherwise any variation will have the same name as the main product.

Hope this help