how you use same image in variation product?

I don't understand, how you use same image in variation product?

You are editing the database?
My brain does not work fine, please explain that type of magic I can use.


Posted: Aug 29, 2012


torq on September 20, 2012

If you add the image field to the product display (the node) then it will apply to all variations.

If I have t-shirts, on the "product" I set the price, sku, and size (and check the box for the size field to be used as options - can't remember the exact wording). Then on the "product display", which essentially is a node with a product reference field, I have the image field and the product description. This way, when another size is selected in the options select list, the image and copy aren't reloaded via ajax.

frozensage on September 21, 2012

What if you need the images (or a set of images) to reflect the chosen color? I'm assuming then you'd need to add the image field to the product type. But the images shouldn't change on size, provided you have 3 sizes of Blue, you'll have 3 products, but they would all have the same images? seems very redundant to me, is there a better way?

advix on October 4, 2012

File Field Sources - very cool module to solve the "re-upload" problem. Maybe this is what you are looking for.

lbonnel on November 17, 2013

how did it solved your problem ? Do you still have the same images for the sizes ? If not could you tell me how you've done it ? :) regards