Partial payaments, multiple users paying 1 order, deposits, not 100% up front

I have used D7 commerce module and looks amazing. I need to allow a user to login, add a holiday, insurance etc to their basket and then pay a deposit. Keeping the order active, then allowing the other people in their group to login and pay their little chunk of the holiday. Can't figure out if this is possible or I need to build a new module, any help would be appreciated.

Need to be able to make an initial partial payment on an order and then allow other users to make partial payments on another users (the organizers) total order.

Please help.


Posted: Mar 15, 2011


Amarjit on January 11, 2012

Hello zakchambers,

I was actually looking for this same functionality. I don't believe there is anything out the at the moment.
I have come up with an idea See below with a 10% deposit.

  1. When user adds to cart, item type is checked to see if it requires a deposit first.
  2. For each item of this type in the cart - a new order line is added with the value if (item_price * 0.1)
  3. The user visits her cart overview and see's that she is paying a deposit. She finishes the checkout and pays.
  4. A hook is triggered saying an order has been paid for and is complete.
  5. From here, the system checks each order-line to see if a deposit has been payment line has been added.
  6. If so; for each line add a new order line with (item_price * 0.9)
  7. The status of the order is set back to 'Shopping Cart'
  8. The user then pays his remaining balance sometime in the future.

Better ideas anyone?