Manage display of Product Attributes (product variations)

Hi guys,

I created a new product type called: Video Game.
It has a field called: platform (xbox360, ps3 and pc).

So you can create product variations like:
mortal kombat for ps3
mortal kombat for pc
mortal kombat for xbox360

I added them to a product display.
Now an user can change the console dropdown and the correct image is displayed.
So far so good.

The problem is that the product information is displayed in this order

title -----------------> that's fine
image -----------------> cool
price -----------------> (WRONG) I need it before the add to cart button
console -----------------> (WRONG) I need it below the image
add to cart button --------------> not bad

My question is: How or where can I manage the display/order of the product attributes related to the variations like size, color, console and others?


Posted: Aug 16, 2012