Increasing Conversion Rate with Addess Lookup from Postcode

I want my customers to be able to type in their postcode and then to click on their address, rather than fill-in the form longhand. There is a SaaS called Postcode Anywhere that costs a couple of pence per lookup, and there is a drupal module for it http://drupal.org/project/postcodeanywhere

I'm sure this would increase conversions, but is that module going to work with Commerce?


Posted: Aug 14, 2012


pca_tom on August 20, 2012

Hi Apprentice,

Good to hear you are interested in using our address lookup service within Commerce.

The Drupal module has been successfully implemented by a number of our customers but we also have a tutorial on our website which shows how to implement our new Capture+ Address Validation technology (here). Alternatively, you can hook directly into our web service APIs all of which are fully documented along with code samples on our website (here).

If you would like some free trial credit to test the service or need any assistance implementing us within Commerce please let me know.

Kind Regards

Tom Gurney
Senior Account Manager
Postcode Anywhere