Add to cart Button disapear !

Hello everybody !

I'm using drupal 7 together with drupal commerce for the first time to build to a shop. Everything was going well until the "Add to cart" button disapeared from my product's page ! I really don't understand what happen's because it's not a css problem that would make the button unvisible. I don't manage stocks so available or not the buy button should show.

In the product display content type, i do not have an item linked to this button (and I don't think I have ever see one), I tought it was adding this button automatically to the product page !

I would really appreciate some indication on where to look for a solution.



Posted: Jul 25, 2012


hugoperry on July 25, 2012

OK guy, I'm still a newbie ;) buy checking an old version, I saw it is the "produc_reference" that manage the Add to cart button : not evident as label ! but now I know it ....