Factory Production/Inventory Management

I would like to create an app for my company that handles all of our communication/stats....

1. Parts Come in, inventory/Cost
2. Cost of "improving" parts (could be numerous factors; raw materials, manpower, fixed cost, etc)
3. Run of improved parts will cost X to prepare and deduct from inventory (Likely multiple variables)
4. Who improved what....(and cost associated)
5. How much was what was "improved" was actually "approved/saleable"....then how much was scrap and how much can be reworked for future handling
6. How this "scrap" was separated into potential future products and how much was "thrown away".
7. Make this system "automated" in order for "shifts" to "know" how efficient the shift...
8. Communication: (Probably other modules) That allows different groups can share information....

Am I capable of doing this with Commerce?

BTW....This is the way most factories "work"....if this could be a "system" attached to Commerce....Im all for working on it!!!!!!

Posted: Jul 10, 2012