could use modules recommendations to do some of this...

Spent the past week searchng commerce modules for functions I need.

I have determined most of what I need to this point, but here are a few things I've not resolved.

1, Don't want to ask user./customer to fill in any registration forms or information until he has come to final checkout process

2. Need seamless regisration that is integrated with the billing information provided. I prefer to have a one page process. The page can use more than one module, but I want the customer to only have the one page and no repeating information.

3. Email address is one of first entry fields whether new customer or return customer. Need seamless verify of email address when customer fills billable information.

4. I would also like to have zipcode verify on all zipcode entry fields in both billable and shipping entry boxes.

I wouild like to add additional fields in the billable and shipping as well. I would like to ask for phone numbers and other contact information of billable customer and shippable recipient. I want to harvest a good deal of information in the billable and shipping boxes, including email especially for both (if possible)

The buying customer will fill the information and some information in the shipping side may not be known by the customer. I just want to ask for it to facilitate communication with recipient if needed.

I wanjt all store information and views available to all visitors.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted: Jul 6, 2012


domineaux on July 6, 2012

I found the profiles types under store/customerprofiles/profile types and edited the billable and shipping boxes by adding phone numbers and email addresses. This works well enough.

I've still not found a way to verify email addresses and zipcodes. This will save alot of time, because customers can correct bad entries at the time they order.