Drupal 7.x & Commerce w/ WPS - A few questions...

I've recently made the jump into Drupal Commerce and so far, it's been a great experience. I've installed the Drupal Paypal WPS and during my testing, I've noticed a few things that I'm hoping someone here could shine some light on:

1.) Is there a way to make customers be redirected back to my site after submitting their payments over on the Paypal side? (I.e. - add item to cart, checkout from my side, redirect to Paypal for payment, submit payment at Paypal site, then redirect back to my site.)

2.) After doing a quick purchase test, I noticed that the order I tested remained in "Pending" status despite the purchase being successfully made over on the Paypal side. From what I'm able to gather up to this point, this is a Drupal Rule. So I'm curious which rule would be responsible for this and I'd like to know how others have changed it to be a bit more honest... Say, instead of saying "Pending", instead show something like, "Paid," etc. What should I do to reflect that?

Thanks for any insights into this. You guys are really great!

Posted: Jan 23, 2015


Channel Islander on January 23, 2015

1) The customer should be redirected back from Paypal's site by Paypal.

2) You need a Rule to reset the Order Status. I suggest:
- Event: When an order is first paid in full
- Action: Update the order status

In many cases this is not enough and you need two Rules to update order status, one to act on "When an order is first paid in full" (sets order status to 'processing' or 'completed'), and another to act on "Completing the checkout process" (sets order status to 'pending' if a Condition examining the order balance shows that is has not yet been paid). This is because, with off-site payment processing, you cannot predict the order in which the two events occur.