how to sell a subscription service


I'm confused what modules to use to build a drupal website where we can sell a service and managing subscription/or registration of this service.
Let's first describe the service and how the site should be work : our service its an internet satellite subscription, customer will have materiels installation (dish,cables,router.. etc) and internet connection service after subscription.
We have many plans to buy/subscribe in : ex plan gold : 50$/month, plan extra : 60 etc (see the image file below).
Customer have to sign a contract, and the ability to renew it after one year.

I was searching a lot internet to find a tutorial or a module well documented to build this functionality, unfortunately there is a poor documentation for this subject, and as I'm a drupal newbie task seems more difficult.

I found this: commerce_sp,commerce_licence,commerce_recurring,subs,subs_checkout but I don't know how to use them.

In a first time I was using node_registration, and I was thinking to do checkout after user registration, so I didn't find tools to apply this idea.

So I hope your community help me to chose a way to build this stuff : buying this service,recurring payment, managing subscription, signing and renew contact.

Thank you

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Posted: Dec 5, 2014


Channel Islander on December 12, 2014

I'm using Membership Entity, which has a Commerce sub-module. For Memberships you can think "Subscriptions."

You create and configure the Membership types, and they are automatically made available for sale in the store as products of product type Membership. That was easy!

It handles expiration and renewals, secondary members of a Membership, automatic assignation of roles, one user with Memberships of various types and so on.

To sell subscriptions you would make the content only accessible to a given role and then link the role to the Membership type. User goes to the store, buys the Membership, accesses the content after completing payment. Sweet.

The modules are pretty new and haven't gotten a lot of users yet. So the developer's boss (a consulting firm) is not letting him work on them on the job. Thus I have been waiting for a while for a new release with a bunch of fixes for minor bugs I've reported. For one major feature (sending reminders to expiring members [ subscribers ] I wound up writing a script to do it in the meantime. However the overall quality of the code is good, and the design is excellent. I would welcome more fellow users as the support will improve when there are more people using it.

- nick