Product price based on the selected options/line items - Price update before add to cart

Hello everybody,

I'm using Drupal 7.14 with the actual Commerce and Commerce Product Option module.

I like to create a shop, where you can buy paper.

The products are for example:
Paper A4 with the options/line items:
Brilliant-listbox: yes/no (yes=+0,50€ per page)
Quantity-listbox (in pages): 10 (10 Euro), 50 (40 Euro), 100(70 Euro) or 200 (90 Euro)

So i created a product called "Paper A4" with the line items brilliant and quantity. That works so far.
I tried to add pricing rules. This works, but I see the result, only after clicking the add to cart button, in the cart.
I like to update the price "live", so the user can see the price before he add the product to his car.

Please can anybody give me a tip to resolve this problem?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,
Patrick Scheer

Posted: May 23, 2012


Antoine_k on July 21, 2012

Hi everybody,

Drupal Commerce is quite amazing! But it's hard to begin with it...
I'd like to do the same: my product costs 200$, I'd like to add extra options which add 50$ each... And I don't actually see how to do it, any help would be very welcome :-)

Thanks in advance!