Callback to mark order complete?


I've tweaked the Orgone payment module to work with Secure Trading - all well and good.

But I want to get back to the site to mark the order as 'complete' following payment - but I can't see how this is achieved. A callback url?

No one else is asking this - so I guess I'm missing something simple?

Is see that the example payment module has:

$order = commerce_order_status_update($order, 'checkout_' . $next_page);

But this does't help me much.

Any suggestions?


Posted: May 16, 2012


Wellsy on January 4, 2013

Hi KitchenSync,

I need to be able to process payments through SecureTrading for a client. Is your module available for download anywhere?

I'll happily help get it completed if you have not yet done so