Multivalue product attributes by only taxonomy

I wish to create attributes taxonomy for desired product type and select/create multiple attributes from this only taxonomy when editing product.

Have any idea how to get work multivalue product attributes fields using taxonomy terms as attributes?

Posted: May 15, 2012


MasterPoint on May 16, 2012

Thx for your reply !

I interested how to add taxonomy to Drupal Commerce Products, but =)

But only ONE taxonomy as attributes where I can select a few terms as attributes.

For clearly understanding give you an example:

entity: (commerce_product) dishes
- has field (taxonomy_reference)attributes as attributes source

entity: (node) product_display

taxonomy: attributes
- Size
-- Small
-- Big
- Color
-- White
-- Black

(dishes)Commerce Guys Mug Black Big
(dishes)Commerce Guys Mug White Big
(dishes)Commerce Guys Mug Black Small
(dishes)Commerce Guys Mug White Small

(product_display)Commerce Guys Mug

Where in "(dishes)Commerce Guys Mug Black/White Big/Small" I selecting 2 terms from "(taxonomy)attributes"

Now by default a can use only following example:

entity: (commerce_product) dishes
- has field (taxonomy_reference)size as attributes source
- has field (taxonomy_reference)color as attributes source


taxonomy: size
- Small
- Big
taxonomy: color
- White
- Black


And every time I want to use NEW attribute type, for example "Material" I should create new Taxonomy and new attributes field in my commerce_product entity. What if I will have 10 commerce_product entities each of them will use same attribute type? And what if i should delete some attribute type? It is not a human task...

(= sorry for my English

nomia on April 10, 2013

Hi,Masterpoint,have you got any solution to your problem.

For me ,I want to add multiple attributes to a single product.Detail below:

For example,I have a T-shirt product on my site.And I want each T-shirt with different color have 3 size() for customers to choose,and the one of these two attributes(color and size) has nothing to do with the price.

When a customer go to a product display page,they should be able to first choose the color.After that,they will be show product with the color they have choosed,and this is absolutely not a problem.But the key point is I want the customers to be able to select different size(small,big,medium) after they have choosed a color,

Someone has a solution to this?