Multiple Shipping Addresses per order

I'm working on a website that will allow the user to ship each product to a different address, is this even possible with current modules?

If it's not possible currently and I had to make a custom module for it, what it the best way to go about this? Could this be tied into the current commerce_shipping module?

Posted: May 7, 2012


Chaladi on June 19, 2012

Add an address field(postal field) to the line item. In my case here, Store » Configuration » Line item types » Product

Click save and Check the field to the "add to cart" form and save.

Make sure you use the correct line item type in the product reference field setting that is making the add to cart form - only possible if you have multiple line items or Create a custom line item type unless you want this behavior for all products.


kevinchill on September 13, 2012

By using your method is there any way to make shipping recalculate (increase with each additional shipping location) because of the multiple shipping locations?