Building a SKU quick-select block... problems...

Hi all, I'm trying to make a quick-select dropdown box for customers to quickly jump to a product where they know the SKU (the site its for is a commercial one, and the customers know what SKU's they use typically).

I can't seem to access them in views because they are not part of the product view as such, but if I make a sku based on line items so I can access the SKU I then can't access the product view that SKU belongs to...

Am I missing something obvious? I can get around it by adding a 'master' sku to a product view (ie: if the product view has abc123-f and abc123-r, I could have a field in the product view with just abc123 in it) - but this seems excessive and wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Posted: Apr 17, 2012


rvallejo on November 30, 2012

Just to clarify, it sounds like you're looking for an exposed filter on the product SKU from views, and displaying product node displays (referred to by you as "product view"? Perhaps you figured this out already, but for anyone else stumbling upon this discussion, you need to set a relationship in views on the product reference field and use that relationship for the filter, so that you are displaying product node displays which reference a product in their products field with the SKU in the filter.