Impossible title label

I'm in the process of creating a creating a site that sells physical products and am setting up a main product page which is organised with a panel. I have thus far setup a product content type, products and display. I have created a panel and organised the details in ageneral format which i will improve with a CSS.
the problem i have is I can not remove the title: label and have been trying for 2 days. I have managed to hide all the other field labels but not the title. I want the Product Title to remain though. Various modules I have tried "include Exclude node titles", "Auto Node Title" and "Display Suite" but can't find a setting that works.
I have also read about template hacks but they either seem to hide the whole field or are too old to trust.
Like most things drupal it's probably simple if you know how.
Any help or a work around would be appreciated.


Posted: Apr 15, 2012


leanderl on November 11, 2012

Hi, your post was done a number of months ago, but I just ran into the exact same problem, which is puzzling, because I run several other installs of commerce where I haven't encountered this problem. There is basically no situation in which I would like "Title:" to go before the title in the external interface, but of course it is correct the way it is put there by Commerce, because normally this is something you should be able to set with display settings for the entity type or node type. Something must have gone wrong in my install and yours...

The solution if you are stuck and don't have time to find the actual root cause of why "title:" isn't configurable, you can override the template file for title which is located in commerce/modules/product/theme/commerce-product-title.tpl.php

Save the file to your active themes folder (i. e. sites/all/themes/mytheme ) and comment out or remove the lines regarding the label, row 18 of the file in the current version.

* Unset label, but keep the code for now...

<?php if ($label): ?>
<div class="commerce-product-title-label">
<?php print $label; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Don't forget to empty cache (theme registry) for the change to take effect.