Commerce Orders Cancellations and Refunds Rights

I am (properly) being asked for some semi-authomatic way of handling in Drupal Commerce orders cancellations and refunds from customers.
The Rights for Refunds is something that concretely affects any eCommerce store and is a mandatory right in the European Union area (for what I know): the client can claim is money back within 15 days from the transaction/order (although I think this cannot apply to digital products).

I didn't find any Drupal Commerce module trying to manage this, and even any highlights or issues/discussions about this critical topic.
It is quite clear that the process might not (or even shouldn't) be handled in an automatic way, but some functional support to the store administrator should be implemented. At lest would be (as a first step) useful the implementation of a further order status like "refunded" (transaction done and rolled back), besides of "canceled" that means some less.

The order refunding would probably affect also the Commerce Invoice functionalities …

A quite similar comment from mine has been just submitted to this Drupal Commerce issue (the only one I could find on this matter …):

I hope some step will be made on this side somehow, some when …

Posted: Apr 2, 2012