Drupal Commerce or Commerce Kickstart?

i've just finished lynda.com Drupal Commerce, the teacher recommends to install kickstart for the lesson, did and i completed the lesson just fine. now i'm ready to do a live site on a host. i don't know if i should install Drupal Commerce or Commerce Kickstart. the kickstart has files in profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules. the documentation just says some developers like them in sites/all/modules... but nowhere can i find an explanation, why are the kickstart files in profiles in the first place? what changes if you move them? what should a normal person do when creating a live commerce site leave the files as is in profiles or move them to sites/all/modules? thanKS!

Posted: Mar 30, 2012


pcambra Pedro Cambra on March 31, 2012

Hope you enjoyed Tom's videos from lynda.com!

I'd strongly recommend you to start with Commerce Kickstart as it includes all components you need to start.
The reason of the profiles/modules placement for the install profile modules is the testing results. You can follow this issue at commerce kickstart project for further information: http://drupal.org/node/1282554#comment-5039350