Views/Product Display to Anonymous Users?

I have created a view that displays multiple products, with quantity fields and one Add To Cart button. It works great except I can't figure-out how to get it to display to Anonymous users. It seems that only myself as Admin User #1 can see the View.

I have screenshots to attach. How do I do that here?

I basically took Randy Fay's presentation about using Views to display products and tweaked it to work with displaying two products and used the "add to cart extras" Module to add the "Quantity input field" to the table in Views.

Is this not able to display public because of the use of the Product Reference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think once this is solved I could make a brief explanation of this and it could help several people looking to do similar things with multiple products on one page.


Posted: Mar 23, 2012


Psherman on January 28, 2013

It works for Views in general, but it causes a big ugly error in Calendar View. Something about a missing index in the table row or something. I'm still looking for a secure solution.