I need to sell licenses


I need to sell authorisation codes. I am provided with a list of codes and I need to setup a system where I can sell individual codes. The code needs to be sent in a email with some other information after purchase. Once a code has been sold it cannot be sold again.

in the store only one licences is available to purchase at a time and when its is sold it will no longer display and the next available license purchase becomes available.

I wondering how I can do this is Ecommerce do I:
setup each Auth code as a product? or
setup each Auth code as a licensed file?

How do I set the availability (quantity) of each product to one (1)?
How do I stop the product from being resold?
How do I stop sold items from displaying?
how do I set up a sequence of purchases of a product?

on another not the why a catcha after I've logged in, seems counter intuitive.


Posted: Mar 19, 2012