JOB: Help creating two Product Display nodes

I need help with the following:

Create The Following DC Product Display Nodes:
1. Two different products displayed at the same time, with quantity fields for each, but only one “Add to cart” button that puts both products in the cart with their appropriate quantities.
2. Multiple products displayed and selected primarily with check boxes, except for one with a pull-down that is for selecting one product with variations (i.e. a t-shirt size). And, another two items with quantity fields as in Item #1 above. All of this too should have only one “Add to cart” button.

Item #1 is to sell two different concert tickets so people see both events on one page and enter how many tickets to purchase for each of the two days and quickly submit everything from one page.

Item #2 is to sell various parts of a three day conference. For example, three check boxes are for each of the days of the event. Other check boxes are for the meals and housing. The quantity fields are for extra tickets to the two concerts as in Item #1. There would also need to be some use of Rules to discount the total by an amount if all 3 days are selected, and another discount to also include two different concert tickets if the all 3 days are selected. The end result is accurate tracking of meals, housing, concert ticket sales, and ordering of appropriate t-shirt sizes.

I have already created all of the products and have had my DC store running for months. I understand this might only take someone a brief amount of time to do with Views. I am at a mental block with this and need to get it done soon.

Please contact me to discuss possible pay and other details.

Jeff Purtle
864-292-3532 in Greenville, South Carolina

Posted: Mar 12, 2012


Jeff Purtle on March 13, 2012

Has anyone done anything like this?

I suspect I could do it with Views and combine all the products on one page. I don't know if it possible to have only one "Add to Cart" button that all the respective products with one click.

Jeff Purtle on March 18, 2012

Can anyone help me with this?
I have watched all the help videos on lynda.com for Drupal Commerce and the videos for Views and played around with it all. I understand a reasonable amount about each of them.

I need help implementing the things listed above.

There has to be a way to do a View with multiple products displayed and one "Add to cart" button that adds all the items on that view. Can it be done through the DC Product Bundle module? I have played with that and have yet to get it to work displaying two items with their own quantity fields and one "Add to cart" button.

I have a feeling if I can accomplish that one thing I should be able to do the rest of it or at least get something working soon.