German taxes

First: great thing Drupal Commerce

My question:
In Germany products EITHER have 7%vat-tax OR 19%. I seem to be unable to create an according rule. Could somebody point me to a HowTo or similar?

Posted: Mar 1, 2012


User2011 on March 2, 2012

1. Go to /admin/commerce/config/taxes

2. and add two tax rates (select typ: "vat" for each), one for 19% (rate: 0.19) and one for 7% (rate: 0.07). (vat means value add tax and is the equivalent for the Mehrwertsteuer.)

3. edit an existing product

4. type in the gross price (incl. vat!) and select your tax rate (19% or 7%) at "Include tax in this price".

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nobbyvo on May 17, 2012

Do step 1 till 4 as described above and after that go to each of both tax-components, click on "Configure component" and DELETE the only one "ACTION" (show on each...). So the trick is not to add a rule but delete an action. After that in the bill there is only the right tax left.
In German:
Der Trick ist: keine zusätzliche RULE für das jeweilige Steuer-Component, sondern Löschung der einzig vorhandenen Aktion :show on each Product ...
Wenn die Aktion weg ist, zeigt die Rechnung nachher nur den Steuersatz, der bei der Erstellung des Produkts ausgewählt wurde.
Manchmal kann es so einfach sein.

jean on May 23, 2012

that works very well indeed. Thanks for that. There is one detail though, how do you do to remove the tax if you sell to a non-EU country?
I tried already the address component comparison method, which does not help. Maybe that is just a bug

rema52 on March 16, 2012

Subscribing @ChristianAdamski.

Ex. :
3 (Spain):
Product A (VAT 18%)
Product B (VAT 8%)
Product C (VAT 8%)

Subtotal ?
VAT-8 Total ?
VAT-18 Total ?

Order Total ?

Screencasts and canadian example @rfay = different usecases.
How to @User2011 does not work during checkout.

How to (rules ?) would be appreciated.

xelomac on January 28, 2014

Has anybody a solution for price calculation/view with a structure and order as shown below using Commerce European Union VAT module?:

Subtotal without VAT
Shipping fee without VAT
COD Fee (Cash On Delivery) without VAT

Or even better:

Subtotal without VAT
Subtotal VAT
Shipping fee without VAT
Shipping VAT
COD Fee (Cash On Delivery) without VAT