integrating with Shipwire's API

I'm exploring Commerce as an option as we rebuild our store. Besides a lingering concern over being able to recreate our regional store fronts (we have 4 international stores with unique currency attribues and shipping selections), the major unknown I'm trying to figure out is integration with our warehouse/fulfillment partner, Shipwire.

I've had previous experience using Magento and Ubercart for larger clients and Shopify for smaller projects with quick turnaround. The common feature they all shared was excellent integration with Shipwire's API, which allows real-time shipping rates, inventory status, order entry, and order tracking (if you're still reading this and are interested, go here for more info: http://www.shipwire.com/developers ).

So my questions are:

1.) Is there a Shipwire module currently in development that I've overlooked?

2.) As I've never created a module in Commerce, how much could I learn from studying Ubercart's existing module? Meaning, would knowing that inside out help me for building a new one for Commerce?

3.) If all fails -- maybe I should have said this first -- is anyone capable and interested in building a Commerce Shipwire module (paid, of course)? And possibly some others in the future?


Posted: Mar 1, 2012