How do you display product variations select list when you create a product list page with views?

Hello and great work on Drupal Commerce.

The site i am building sell quilts. One quilt in particular comes in several sizes so i created a new product type called "Quilt variation". I added a new field to my product type called "size" which is a select list and then added the different prices (S,M,L,XL). Also did not forget to click add this field to shopping cart

The quilt has 4 sizes so i created 4 quilt products with the varying sizes and diff squ numbers. I then created on product display content type a product display that refers to the 4 products.On the product page, this works beautifully. The select list shows up and selecting a different size for the quilt results in the price changing.

I then created a view, that lists all my products. Users cant view the product description page so can only view and purchase items from the View page that lists all products. Unfortunately the size attribute select list does not show in the view like in the product description page. The only way i have gotten it to work is adding the size field to the product line item but this makes the size select list appear for every single product type on the site when i only want it to appear for the product type Quilt Variation.

ALl i just want is for the size select list to appear on the views product listings page as it does on the product description page.

Here is a lik to the product description page that shows a test product with a made up select list http://www.wellness-rooms.com/naturest-test

Here is a 2nd link to the product description page that shows the same product in a views listing but without the select list. http://www.wellness-rooms.com/products/sleep

A solution to his problem will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Posted: Feb 29, 2012