Get Shipping Price from Field

Hi all,

I've been beating my head against a wall for a week now and so here I am! I have a Select or Other field with a couple of choices:

- Free Shipping
- Call for Details
- Other (and the admin enters a flat price)

This is entered on a per product basis, on the Commerce Product entity (not the node). My question is how do I update the shipping price based on this value? It should work as follows:

- Item 1 (shipping: $1.00)
- Item 2 (shipping: $4.00)
- Item 3 (shipping: Free)
- Item 4 (shipping: Call for Details)
- Item 5 (shipping: $1.00)
- Total Shipping: $6.00

Perhaps I'm doing this wrong. Any direction would be awesome. Thanks!


Posted: Feb 27, 2012