Change Attribute Display

I have a product like a grill and it has accesories like covers for them. I have a product reference field on the grill product type. I have set it to unlimited so that I can add other items. Each one of these items are seperate sku's since they can buy them seperatly. I want to list them on the page when buying a grill so that someone can quickly add the cover to the cart. This all seems to be working through the attributes module. Shows in cart correctly and all. The only issues I have is I would like to have items listed as check boxes not a drop down list. Also I can't get the price to display.

Is there another way that this should be done. I tried the bundle module but it took away the add to cart button.


Posted: Feb 22, 2012


robert.fulcher on February 22, 2012

Ok so I just figured out that I am not using any of the features of bundle or attribute....This is so confusing....

So maybe I need to know how to change the display of the product reference field to be a set of check boxs....with the price...

Ok I will even just settle for displaying the price in the drop down....