Adding products to new pages

Hello All,
I am very new to Drupal, so this might sound very simple

I have installed Drupal Commerce and created new Basic Pages, now i want to display my products on the new pages instead of the Home page, please help me...

Also, i can only see 1 product per row.
But, i want to create a grid where i can show 2 items(products) per row.
Any suggestions please..??

Posted: Feb 22, 2012


stef on February 23, 2012

To display products in grid, add a new view of "content" where content type is "product display". Display format = "grid" of "fields". Click continue&edit.
Switch from "master" to "page" and change path.
On right side, under"advanced" add relationship to "referenced product".
Now in left column, add fields u want to show. Click save and check your new view.

Btw great place for beginners (everything about drupal) is nodeone.se or google for "commerceguys vimeo" (drupal commerce)