How to implement this in my website using Drupal Commerce

Hi All,
I am working on website which is related to parsi religion. There are few services provided by them.One of them is "divo".How could i implement this into my site using Drupal Commerce.I am New to Druapl please help me.
Name Of Service "Divo".

>A wick is placed in an oil lamp and it is lit.
>$5 for a 24-hr divo / $3 for a 6-10 hr divo.
>User select Divo type ($5 or $3),
>Select date range.
>Select no. of Divo per day for the given date range.
>So system must compute $3 or $5 x Number of days
based on the date range entered x No. of Divo
selected per day. This final amount should be visible on
the page before they click “add to cart”.

Posted: Feb 16, 2012


spoetnik on February 20, 2012

Thanks for first asking, then trying ;-)

Would you like to share the solution for future reference??