Taxonomy view doesn't display products.

Hello to the forum. This is the situation.

- I have a product type and in this type i use a term reference field. Then i add some products.
- Next step, i create the product displays using the product reference field (the default one).

So far so good. Then i use views and enable the build in view for taxonomies which in non commerce site shows the nodes for each taxonomy. Now it displaying nothing. I tried to add the product relationship but still nothing.

Any ideas?? Thank you

Posted: Feb 11, 2012


balintd on February 16, 2012

I think the problem is that you gave the taxonomy terms for the products, and products are not nodes. If you add the term reference field to your product display and add terms to them, then the view for taxonomy terms will show your product displays.

If you absolutely need to give the terms to your product, then a solution could be to add a product relationship to your view and then you can filter and sort your product display by your product's terms but I'm not sure if this works in this situation.