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First of all I want to mention what a delight it is to work with Drupal Commerce! But for now I'm a little bit stuck. I'm creating a website for a friend who has a textile printing company. He an online shop where users select the needed t-shirts and where they can immediately upload an eps or pdf file containing the image for printing. I know of the module Commerce file, but this only seems for downloading files.

Any suggestions on how I must proceed to add a file to an order?


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Posted: Feb 10, 2012


hacor on February 12, 2012


Thanks for the quick reply!
I must say that Line items are just amazing. I just added an upload file field to a new line item concerning the choice of printing and it works just fine.
Another little thing:
is there an option to connect line items to each other?

For the situation right now is the following:

- People choose the desired t-shirts (Color, Size,...) (product - line item)
- On the same page they can choose which printing they desire (print - line item)

But I want to make sure that the print line item is combined to the product_id of the main page because the printing only matters for that particular product.

Thanks again!!
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designcolormania on May 2, 2013

Hi Hacor
Were you able to achieve this?
I'm looking to do the same - add a field that allows a customer to upload a file they would like printed (pdf), and would be very greatful for any tips to do this!