Multiply by user field?

Is there a way to make a rule to multiply the price of a product by a user field ("field-markup")? I'm looking to provide different markups/discounts on a per-user basis. I can see my field-markup in actions -> multiply by amount -> amount, but it gives me this error:

Data selector site:current-user:field-markup: for parameter amount is invalid.

I currently have the fiel-markup set to a "Price" type.

Should this be able to work?

Posted: Feb 8, 2012


ccoppen on February 8, 2012

I learned this the hardway when I wanted to multiply by a value from a select list.

Turns out that I needed my select list to be the integer type.

Then I set the values to something like 25, 60, 80. Multipled those by 100 to get the correct dollar value of $25, $60, $80 and then use those on setting the correct price in my add to cart.

The key for me was the integer.

I hope that helps.