Special Pricing Structure Best Practice


I am currently developing a site for a client (D7, Commerce, Recurring Framework) with a complicated business model: the renting of musical instruments. You could think of it as a paid library, with each instrument checked out to a user with a recurring monthly fee. Attached to each instrument is also an option for insurance. This is also variable. Those fees are variable based on school districts, individual schools, and classes. I could use some insight into the structure. Currently, I have it set up like this:

Content Types:

1. a Rate Package, via node reference links to any of the following types:
2. School District
3. School
4. Class
5. A circular reference to another rate package, in order to facilitate individually variable options for the insurance.

The prices are all contained in the rate package, and need to be over-ridden at checkout. I was going to do this with a simple rule, assuming I can bring the variables into scope properly.

Does this seem doable?

Thanks for any help!

Posted: Feb 6, 2012