views - after press "add to cart" button it redirect me to first view page

i have view of product displays (about 20 product displays, 6 per page). Now if someone is on second or third page, and press "add to cart" button, he is redirected to first page of view (views dont remember page where he was). I want views to remember last page where "add to cart" button was pressed. Thanks for any advice.

Posted: Feb 2, 2012


frizi on February 4, 2012

That would be also an missing feature/bug of DC that could be fixed.

Till there I would suggest to alter the add to cart form and make the destination url of the form to the same page url as the one that it is called from.
If that will break the submit action, alter the form, set $_session['DC_view_url'] and use it after submitting the form as drupal_go_to(url($_session['DC_view_url'])); at the end.

stef on February 4, 2012

i still dont know what to do, but u probably mean a small module with few lines, so i'll try check somewhere how to make custom module and implement your advice there. Thanks for help btw :)