URL alias for products


I'm stuck in setting the url alias for my product displays. There are tons of tokens but not that one I need:

I have set up my structure with taxonomy terms and built the corresponding main menu like this:

1. Computer
1.1. Desktop
1.2. Laptop
1.3. Tablet

2. Furniture
2.1. Couches
2.2. Tables
2.3. Chairs

The taxonomy pages work fine with these tokens: [term:parent:root:name] / [term:parent:name] / [term:name]

But how can I apply the url alias for e.g. a desktop computer like this: www.example.com/computer/desktop/title ?


Posted: Feb 2, 2012


Brian on February 3, 2012

Nobody got a hint for me? How did they do it in the commerce demo store?


Brian on February 3, 2012

Pathauto works fine. The problem is to get the full url-path for Product Displays. I want to achieve this:

www.example.com / computers / laptops / [Product Display Title]

Usually I would take the token for the parent menu items. But that doesn't work here because

(1) I imported all products via csv/feeds and therefor I can't attach them to the menu (create menu item with parent xyz)
(2) the taxonomy tokens for the categories don't apply to content types like Product displays.

So I'm stuck in the middle, or not?