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Hi, I'm new to Drupal and Drupal Commerce but like what I've seen so far. We are looking to do soft start the ecommerce portion of our site so we want to create all the pages for our products with technical data etc but not necessarily have them running through Drupal Commerce at that point.

Is there anything wrong with entering them under a different content type and then as and when we're ready either converting their content type to Product Display or adding the Product Reference field to the different content type. Likewise, if we decided to stop selling a product on the site would it also be ok to change the content type away from Product Display, essentially removing the SKU reference. To change content type I'm using the Node Convert 7.x-1.0 module.

I'm assuming it's fine as I believe your main link is to the Products element (where you're specifying the price etc) and the Product Display is simply a link but I'd like to make sure.

Thanks in advance for your help

Posted: Jan 30, 2012


rfay Randy Fay on January 30, 2012

Normally you'd put product information mostly in products.

What you may want to do is create nodes that have all the info, and then when you move to commerce, add a node reference field to the product referencing the specification page. I don't know what issue you may later have in display, but I think this basic approach could work.

James A on January 31, 2012

Thanks for the advice

I guess one reason I was looking at different nodes was to customise the node reference field depending on the product type so the users adding products wouldn't be presented with too many options on a form where not required.

As said I'm new to Drupal so this may not be the way to do things and maybe all my categorisation should simply be done through Taxonomy.


Although the above is still somewhat correct as we may only want the user effectively adding items to the catalogue I can clearly see that I need to RTFM and work through some of the examples.....