drupalcommerce shipping rules, methods, services

hi I bought a turbo ticket for a basic need on shipping on my webstore however for lack of support by commerce guys they were not able to sort the issue out. I found a big lack of documentation on how the shipping rules are structured and what are the main differences between

rules and conditional rules

why some conditions or actions can be set into services or either methods or either rules is not clear to me -
i need to setup shipping rule based on shipping address and size ( 3 different sizes) of products to apply three different service rates .

that simple but not sorted despite turbo ticket.

hope someone can address me to the right literature-manual for understanding myself how it works.


Posted: Nov 1, 2014


Ryan Ryan Szrama on November 4, 2014

If it wasn't answerable in an hour, maybe it isn't that simple. : )

Is your question just where's the documentation? Or do you just not know how to use Rules to influence the calculation of a flat rate shipping fee?