commerce_checkout_new_account for the same anonymous/email user ... what would happen?

I have seen the rule that create a new anonymous user based on the email appointed in the check process (commerce_checkout_new_account). Good ...
But what would happen if the same user (anonymous), or another that anyway uses the same previously used email address, performs a checkout?

(I mean the same anonymous uses to buy without getting logged every time ...).

Would it be stopped and prompted/forced to login before as it finds an existing username/email?
... or DC would try to create another account with the same username (thus email address) already existing in the db ... and then fire an error?
But would this exception be thrown before or after the order is completed by the user?

Are the existing rules facing this eventuality? Or some other should be provided for this?

Sorry I didn't check yet this use case in my site, and didn't find anything regarding this issue in this forum or in the DC project at Ddrupal.org, yet ...

Posted: Jan 23, 2012


rfay Randy Fay on January 23, 2012

The "anonymous user" exists on every Drupal site, it's user 0, and a special user for when nobody is logged in. The rule that Drupal by default uses does not "create an anonymous user", because there can only be one. It creates a new user (authenticated user) for that user based on their email. The order is then assigned to that user.