Send email with direct file download link.

Is it possible with Commerce File and tokens to add a direct one-time file download link in the "order complete" email? I would like users to directly download their file(s) rather than have to log in and view their licenses.

The generated file download links would need to be obviously related to each license issued in the order, and if at all possible, be restricted to the download limit placed on the license.

This seems like a complex issue, and I'm not sure if there is or will be any solution, but I'd like to throw it out there and see if it's possible.


Posted: Jan 19, 2012


rfay Randy Fay on January 20, 2012

For this you'd be best to file an issue in the [Commerce File Issue Queue](http://drupal.org/project/issues/commerce_file) which is well-maintained and the maintainer is quite responsive.

I think you'll find it won't be do-able, because you have to do two things: 1. get the user logged in 2. Redirect them to the file.

You may find that one of the modules that provides one-time login links also has a redirect mechanism. If that's true, you could give them one of those links and it would automatically redirect to the file itself. Please report back if you find one. This would have nothing to do with Commerce File.