Quantity Price Breaks

Hi all!

I have a business requirement that calls for some quantity price break functionality. Basically the rule is this:

Order 1-2 of a specific product type and the price is $10.00 per unit. Every additional is $5.00 per unit.

I have some basic stuff working by using rules components but it is currently repricing everything in the cart... NOT just the additional units.

Has anyone encountered this type of requirement in Commerce? Any idea's on how and if this is currently possible?

Thank you.


Posted: Jan 15, 2012


commercestudy on January 17, 2012

Nice would like to be able to target a product type. Unfortunately the developer of Price table said this out of the scope of the price tables modules capabilities due to the way it is setup.

Rules extra conditions can do similar by using taxonomy term targeting and someone in the issue cue has released a patch to allow targeting of product types as well

Unfortunately the developer of commerce conditions has not been seen since, I think October.