Text field is longer in the "Add a Product" form than specified in the Product Type.

I expected there are references to this somewhere out there but I cannot find them. I am using Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.1 on Drupal Core 7.10.

I have added an additional field under "Store->Product->Product Types->Product->Manage fields" called "Special Features". The field type is "Text" and the Widget is just "Text field".

The "Size of textfield" value is "20" and the "Maximum length" value is "255". The "Text processing" value is "Plain text". When I look under "Default value", the "Special Features" label is shown with the text box below in the correct size box. However, when I then go to "Add a Product" the field is the text input field is the maximum width it could be for that display. Re-sizing the browser just makes it longer, so it's not any specific width, possibly just the maximum.

I am not sure if it is worth mentioning, but I am using Field Groups with a Fieldset value of "Vertical Tab".

Do I need to adjust the css directly for this? Or was I supposed to get use the "Size of textfield" to control this? I am wondering if I got a configuration piece wrong that turns off that functionality.


Posted: Jan 11, 2012


ldbdragon on January 17, 2012

I had to leave this for a few days but back to it now. I figured out yesterday, that it worked fine when I took the field out of the field group, the field length was correct (much shorter). But put back into the vertical tabs, it got longer again.

I am able to get the right field length using Horizontal tabs, fieldset and the others as well. As far as I can tell, there is something special about how it handles vertical tabs, whether correct or not. I going to continue using the horizontal tabs for now as they are behaving. I was unable to find sufficient information reading the books I have, or surfing to jump into it and see why it's operating differently. I'm way too short on time right now to get into following the code for this, so I've stuck it in my bug tracker as a future follow up. I'd love to know what gives. If it gets solved in the meantime great.

I'm also waiting on another book that looks like it will help alot. So I'll have to back burner this for now. I'll post if I get something useful. Moving on.