Two product prices

Here is the situation. We want to use D7 and DC. The products have msrp obviously. But, at times, we want to promote convention specials and direct the customer to the site. The specials have certain products at a discount ONLY to those who have the link (or code?). So, I have a couple of questions...

1) Currently, the show special is presented to the customer in a hard copy form. They fill it out and then submitted for purchase, then they are given the products on the spot. But, we want to allow them to order online so that they don't have the headache of carrying all the products home.

What is the best way to do/present the specials online so that it's not available to the public. The thought is to send them to a link with the list of products with there own special pricing, description, quantity field and an add to cart. Is that possible to do? Have a different price?

2) Sometimes the customer have to buy a certain quantity in order to get the discount. How would we do that?

3) Can I create products without prices? Or change the prices on the product display type? If they answer to that question, that may be the answer right?

Any thought or comments or additional questions are appreciated.

Posted: Dec 27, 2011


andrew on December 27, 2011

I'm attempting to do this as well with a wholesale price and for some users (Stores) they get the wholesale price while normal users get the normal price.