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Hi, please correct me if I've posted this on wrong place.

I'm working on a shop which requires product attributes. I've downloaded the module product attributes , enabled it and unfortunately the menu link is not displayed (as usual at ubercart or as expected). Instead I'm deciphering the author's poor setup instruction:

"You need to add a new field in the cart view. To do this edit the cart view > add field > add attribute field. You may want to remove the product title field.
To control the display inside the field you can edit the product field display "Attribute View". There you can set which field is shown and how it should be displayed."

Does anyone speak that language?

My question would be if someone could navigate/provide further help to step by step setup instructions.
(links or breadcrumbs to the setting would be appreciated)

Thank you in advance.

... I've come the the following settings:

Home » Administration » Store » Products » Product types > CUSTOM DISPLAY SETTINGS > selected attribute view.
After that, there is a new tab "Attribute view" that shows my custom fields which I will use as attributes. Later I have to add each field to the Commerce views? what exactly does this module?


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I've found the solution which helped me out. So that google can help others, I will leave my monologue and also add the following setup instructions:

Add the size and color fields to the product product type. Their type must be List (text). Check the "Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms" checkbox.
Create products with a variety of sizes and colors.
Edit the product field of the product display content type (admin/structure/types/manage/product-display/fields/field_product) to set the number of values to "unlimited".
Create a product display node (node/add/product-display). In the
"product" field, select the products that should be shown on this node.
Save the node and it should work as expected, with select fields for size and color

from: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/faq/product-attributes

The module author could post that instructions to avoid reasonless search and experimenting.

Thanks anyway.

Posted: Dec 22, 2011