Auctions / Donations / Fundraising

I'm hoping this is the proper place to bring it up, but one of the features that I think would be very useful to include in a new e-commerce system for drupal are features that would be used by community organizations and non-profits. Specifically, fundraising features such as auctions and donations.

I'm just starting to learn PHP and Drupal, so I'm not sure that I'd be any good at providing code to do this, but I'd love to help out in any way I can if the is interest in adding these types to Drupal Commerce.

Posted: Aug 25, 2010


ZealNY (not verified) on March 5, 2011

I work for non-profit and all these three features are very much important.

Phil (not verified) on March 9, 2011

we are currently running tests with CiviCRM just for the nice looking donation pages...it is very much overkill though, and having a nice e-commerce solution would be great. This one item is the only thing keeping us from launching with drupal 7