Applying a discount to products of certain type

Hey everybody,

I have two product types: physical_product and digital_product and I want to grant a discount to physical products when 6 or physical products are bought.

Thanks to Commerce Rule Extra I can use "Total product of type quantity comparison" as a rules condition that checks if 6 or more physical products are ordered.

But then I'm stuck at granting the discount to only those physical products.

Any action I tried recalculated the price for all products on my order, including digital products. (such as "Multiply the unit price by some amount").

I found an issue that suggested adding the node type of the display as a condition. But this won't help me, as I have the same display for both product types (It's the same product that can be bought either printed or as a PDF).

Any ideas how to tackle this?


Posted: Sep 5, 2014


Daniel Wentsch on September 5, 2014

Ok, I found a solution:

I simply needed to add "NOT Line item contains a specific product type" (digital product) as a condition.